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Executive coaching Regular periodic one-to-one sessions aimed at supporting management in the process of transforming the performance of the organisation. The coach will challenge thinking, support vision development and help identify and resolve barriers to growth. The coaching process is confidential, challenging and encourages critical self-reflection. The coaching process requires management to commit to positive actions. Typically, coaching sessions last 2-3 hours every month. Developing a clear vision of future growth - examining and exploring the opportunity and enthusiasm for transformational change. Developing an innovative leadership culture and focused business strategy. Having your values, beliefs and behaviours challenged so that you can reflect positively on your impact on the business performance.
Mentoring Planned one-to-one knowledge transfer sessions with key leaders and managers to help develop their skills and knowledge. Guiding leaders in the use established business improvement techniques to manage key development projects and tasks. Leaders and managers are equipped with the understanding, support and confidence to excel in their executive roles. Managers acquire new relevant skills. Business & organisational performance improves.
Performance review and action planning Independent review of organisational performance identification of key areas for improvement. Preparation and presentation of a detailed report aimed at clarifying and quantifying key performance issues. Agreeing solutions and action planning. The process provides an objective and independent assessment of the business status. It provides a framework to growth and “call to act” in planning for improvement. It provides a foresight into the future and is able to structure the business planning process.
Trusted advisor:
Non-executive director/interim manager
We work very closely with senior leaders to support the introduction, implementation and development of key organisational development projects.

This could be in a short-term project based functional role, annual retainer or
Provides an affective external driver to support the successful completion of key projects. Provides independent feedback to top management on the progress of projects and is able to identify barriers and corrective actions.
Project Management
  1. Engineering projects
  2. Design Projects
  3. Change management
  4. New systems introduction
  5. Organisational change
  6. Relocation
  7. Recruitment & selection
  8. Implementing lean operations
We work in partnership with existing management & employees as an integral part of the design and implementation of key organisational development projects. We are active in the preparation of detailed plans and in the monitoring of progress and in the control of costs and achievements. We report regularly on progress and provide advice on actions required to ensure projects are successfully completed within time and budget. A key aspect of our input is to work very closely with project teams in a pragmatic and “hands on” way. Ensures key projects are effectively led and managed and that they are completed on time and to financial budgets. Provides external expertise and a driver for change.
Consultancy and training
  1. Business performance review & analysis
  2. Business planning
  3. Financial planning
  4. Organisational structure development
  5. Marketing strategy development
  6. Performance measurement systems
  7. Operations management
  8. Engineering & design project management
  9. Quality assurance
  10. Quality management systems/auditing
Skills development & learning systems
We conduct defined organisational projects to support the development aims. We will provide independent business reviews and report on conclusions and recommendations. We will work closely with management to prepare and document plans for the long-term development of the business. We are able to examine the structure of organisations and identify the opportunities for improvement. We can support the development of performance measurement systems in design and operation. We are able to support all aspects of operations management and are able to work with senior leadership in developing the environment for sustained lean operations. We are able to support aims to improve quality, safety, team working and continuous improvement. We work with leaders to develop an organisational lifelong learning culture and can support specific training needs and the acquisition of formal qualifications. Provides specific expertise in key business functions. The consultancy and training process leads to the transfer of knowledge and skills to employees so that they are able to apply the techniques and practices to future tasks.

External consultancy drives change and focuses management on the completion of key programmes of work. It also provides a valuable resource of skills, knowledge and experience to apply to organisational development. External costs are easily controlled and can be geared to definable outcomes and measured success.
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