Having created a viable plan for the business the key objectives need to be converted into unambiguous measurable tasks, each of which has specific responsibilities and defined timescales. The business planning process should have been able to define performance measures that are able to determine how the business is performing in reaching its objectives. These measures need to be the “vital few” (ideally 3 to 5 key indicators). Business leaders need to use performance measures to help control the business and maintain direction and progress. It is important to focus on unplanned changes and particularly to identify any adverse trends.

Some points of wisdom
  1. Decide how control can be achieved.
  2. Develop defined methods for process control.
  3. Measure actual performance in relation to planned performance and report variances.
  4. Ensure that the control check points reflect the frequency of the event.
  5. Try and use simple visible control methods that make it easy to identify trends.
  6. If possible, try and use statistical process control methods to create processes that are compliant by design.

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