Most senior managers don’t need an MBA to be more successful in their business. Indeed, it is unlikely that they need much in the way of technical training at all. When you reach top management you are unlikely to still be working “on the tools” in your business. An understanding of the principles of techniques and the underlying philosophies is all that is usually required.

Many top managers benefit in their learning process from structured one-to-one mentoring and/or coaching. When you are at the top of your organisation there is usually no one in your company who you feel you can (or want to) confide in and express your fears and concerns. Sometimes this can create barriers that prevent progress and block the clarification of vision and strategy.

Coaching is a process aimed at helping leaders to clarify their vision, aims and direction though a process of reflection, support and challenge. Coaching aims to encourage leaders to address and act upon real and contemporary issues and to commit to a process of change and action. Good coaching will bring about transformational and sustainable positive change to an organisation.

Coaches create a trusting, non-judgemental relationship and help leaders to reflect on their performance in a way that stimulates self-awareness and self-recognition of the need to commit to a new way of thinking and acting.

Some points of wisdom
  1. Engage in regular reflection on performance.
  2. Concentrate on current problems and barriers.
  3. Develop a positive transformational vision.
  4. Admit errors and encourage an open, honest and non-judgemental work community.
  5. Cascade coaching throughout the organisation.

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