Organisational Culture
It is all too easy to miss or fail to recognise the importance of the ethos and culture of an organisation. The culture of an organisation is its “being” – the underlying, almost sub-conscious expression of how it operates and how it impacts and interacts with the human beings who contribute to its state. What do we mean when we describe the organisation that we work for as good? Usually it means that we are happy in our work, recognised for what we contribute and supported in good and bad times. Good employers have similar characteristics. They have outstanding leadership and clarity of vision. They are well organised with effective processes and procedures and are flexible and innovative. Usually they are exciting places to work.

Some points of wisdom
  1. Organisational culture reflects the values and beliefs of the individual leading it
  2. The best leaders create the best organisations
  3. The nature of your organisation, its values, and its real behaviours act upon its success much more than any process, programme or initiative
  4. Leaders should aim to create a culture where work is valued, enjoyable and rewarding and where individuals have the freedom to innovate and contribute to the enterprise
  5. What gets rewarded gets repeated?

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