Creating a unique and recognisable brand is crucial to a business. Brands generate sales and we all buy brands that reflect our personality and values. Creating a brand that is associated with aspirational and high product quality values is something all businesses aspire to achieve.

Once a valued and recognisable brand is established, the product sales process is much easier and effective. Brand values reflect many factors and people buy established brands for many reasons. A brand may reflect status, luxury, reliability, safety, glamour, prestige, integrity and many other factors. We all align ourselves to defined brand values and this significantly influences our buying habits. In promotional terms, the brand values should be instantly recognisable from the brand identity and this should be able to stimulate the emotional responses that drive the desire for ownership or participation. It is also important to recognise that you need to exercise vigilance in maintaining the brand values and that it is easy to lose brand value resulting from adverse publicity that challenges the core value of the brand.
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