Successfully growing a sustainable business starts with a clear vision and direction.

Evolution not revolution – it takes time and careful planning to develop good practice.

Many successful companies are happy to share the secrets of their success – this is because it is not the secrets that are vitally important – but the culture and philosophy to make them work. Some companies often forget or are not aware of this and get obsessed with the implementation of the latest business technique, only to be disappointed with the outcome – this is usually followed by a further attempt with a new technique. This constant “flavour of the month” approach leaves staff disengaged and demotivated.

Some points of wisdom
  1. Develop a clear and sustainable vision for the future of your organisation
  2. Plan for growth: short-term detail & long-term forecast
  3. Ensure investment capital is available
  4. Grow in a progressive but sustainable manner
  5. Learn from others: replicate the parts that fit your enterprise
  6. Exercise inspirational leadership
  7. Exercise control – plan-measure-analyse-report-learn and modify
  8. Be agile and flexible – embrace change
  9. Communicate with all and recognise individual & team success
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